The Religious Aspects Reflected in the Pur??as with Special Reference to Assam Region- A Brief Study


  • Nipam Nath Dev Sarma


The Pur??as are the vital mirror of wisdom, which deliberates the core knowledge of religious acts performing in our society since ancient period. The Pur??as have obtained a unique status in Indian religious literature. As a religious literature, the Pur??as are donated miscellaneous knowledge like ancient history, religion, philosophy, geography, sociology, literature, medicine, Vrata, V?stu and politics etc. The Pur??as are explained the Vedic rituals and customs in easier way that the general masses are easily understand the vital theory of the Vedic hymns and Vedic knowledge. So, the Pur??as are called fifth Veda (Ch?ndogya Upanis?ad-7/1/2). On the basis of these Paur??ic knowledge the peoples of different parts of the world has celebrated different religious acts (Vrata) in different seasons for their own desire and welfare. Among those religious activities, the Vrata has played a unique role in our society (Especially in Assam region). The Vratas are deeply connected with the worships. Without observing Vrata, the worships cannot be fulfilled. In Assam region, different types of Vratas are performed in different season. The Vratas has its scientific and philosophical values. For acquiring the scientific and philosophical result, the people of Assam organize some specific religious activities in different seasons. Generally in Assam region, different types of Vratas should be performed in honor of different deities. Among those Vratas some specific Vratas should be generally performed in day to day life. The present paper highlights those common Vratas which are performed day-to-day life in Assam region.