Vulnerability Assessment Critical Control Points applied to the Food Supply Chain in Vietnam


  • Dam Sao Mai, Dang Bui Khue


Fraud prevention and reduction cases are the first step in preventing food fraud. Due to the increasingly deliberate nature of fraud, advanced solutions are necessary so it can be detected in time. This study is focusing on the key contributing factors leading to the increased fraud gap in the food industry. The application of FSSC and BRC food safety standardswere measured. In Vietnam, the number of companies that applied FSSC and BRC were respectively 234 and 409. But in the VNR500 list(the 500 largest companies in Vietnam), enterprises only account for 42.9% for FSSC and 3.0% for BRC.Besides this, through contributing factors, control measures also were established  to identity the process of assessing and controlling food fraud in Vietnam. Therefore, the implementation of food fraud prevention programs is relatively low.The measures developed will also be the basis for the sustainable development of the business and towards the transparency throughout the global supply chain.