A Decision Support Framework for Tourist Perception and Purchasing Intention on Organic Drinks for Tourism Marketing


  • Thanyathip Pichitkarnkar, Athakorn Kengpol


Due to the health consciousness stream, organic products are originated in the food and beverage industry and promoted the growth of market volume, whose market share is rapidly expanding every year from tourists’ health awareness. As some influential factors of the tourist perception (TP) of the organic drink industry are unclear, many entrepreneurs need to find some methodologies to be proactive in this market segment. The objectives of this research are (1) to investigate the factors that influence TP and purchasing intention (PI) on organic drinks and (2) to construct a decision support framework for TP and PI on organic drinks. The results show that intrinsic factors, extrinsic factors, and TP have a direct influence on PI. Furthermore, extrinsic factors were seen to have a strong influence on TP, whereas, intrinsic factors had a positive influence as well. The intrinsic factors, extrinsic factors, and TP positively affect PI.  After doing a sensitivity analysis, the results indicated that changing taste, advertisements, and product qualityall affect TP and PI.