Torque Responses of Brushless DC Motor by Internal Model Control Controller

  • Chekka Pavani, Kapu V. Sri Ram Prasad, Dr. K. Durga Syam Prasad


Brushless DC motors are employed in each little scale and large-scale industrial applications that are involving great speed and torques. They are utilized in servo, actuation, positioning, and completely different speed applications wherever the precise movement of control and stable operations are necessary for the producing method. The implementation of those motors is incredibly tough and even to attain the precise speed and force responses. The performance characteristics i.e. speed and torque of a BLDC Motor will be investigated at load torque by using PID and IMC controllers. Each of the force responses of the PID controller and IMC Controller are compared. IMC controller provides the most effective performance to scale back the ripples by employing a PID controller that is studied by using SIMULINK/MATLAB.Top of Form