Design and Cost Analysis of New Railway Reactivation Planning in Madiun-Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia


  • Adya Aghastya, Wahyu Tamtomo Adi, Willy Artha Wirawan, Natriya Faisal Rachman


The planning of the railwayttrack affected the layout planning of the city area and optimizing development. The purpose of this research is to understand geometry and tracepplanning to be accurately designed, and visualization in three dimensions to facilitate modelling in the field. In this study, data collection coverspprimary and secondary. The analysis used for plotting contour was software infraworks. Geometry planning the railway is using software AutoCAD Civil 3d, three-dimensional visualization modelling using software infraworks. Based on the election results of trace, the selected trace alternative is 57+599 kilometers of Madiun until Slahung at 110 km/ h operating rate. The railroad class classifications, and in thesstudy are 21 horizontal arms that weressystematically calculated using a software AutoCAD civil 3d and calculation analysis based on the decision of the minister of Transportation No. 60 ofP2012 and the official Regulation of the Railway Company No.10PinP1986.