Application of Optical Fiber Sensing Technology in Internal Characteristics Monitoring and Safety Management of Cast Explosive


  • Zijie Zou , ZhongBao Qin , YiYi Li , Qi Liu


To monitor the changes in the internal structure and characteristics of the cast
explosive during the molding process and storage, thereby reducing the safety risks, a
system is designed to monitor the internal temperature and strains of cast explosives in
real-time based on optical fiber sensing technology. First, the basic structures, sensing
principles, and sensor classifications of the Fabry-Perot(F-P) sensor and the Fiber
Bragg Grating(FBG) sensor are introduced and analyzed. Second, different sensors are
prepared and reasonably packaged by chemical etching, discharge welding
technology, and precision cutting technology. Finally, the FBG sensor suitable for
explosive monitoring is selected through comparative analysis. On this basis, a
reasonable and effective real-time monitoring system is constructed, the
strain/temperature monitoring experiments are carried out during the internal molding
and storage process of the cast explosive, and the temperature and strain regularities
during the molding and storage process of the cast explosive are analyzed. The results
show that in the low-temperature stage, there is a certain linear relationship between
the strain of the cast explosive and the temperature, which also proves the feasibility
and reliability of the optical fiber sensor for the measurement of the internal structure
and characteristics of the cast explosive. The discovery has important reference value
for the application of optical fiber sensing technology in real-time monitoring of the
internal characteristics and safety management of cast explosives.