TPACK Integration Technology Used in Improving Classroom Teaching Ability of College English under the Artificial Intelligence Environment


  • Zhang Peifang


The study aims to evaluate the classroom teaching of college English, expand the
application of the integrated technology pedagogical and content knowledge
(TPACK) in the improvement of teaching ability, and promote the development of
artificial intelligence (AI) technology in classroom teaching. Based on the seven
dimensions of TPACK, first, the method of depth interview combined with
questionnaire survey was used, and the correlation between different sub-dimensions
and the impact of each dimension on TPACK was analyzed. Second, the first- and
second-year undergraduate English students were selected to analyze the difference of
TPACK level in the corresponding grades. Third, based on semantic analysis
technology, AI was combined with TPACK to carry out intelligent evaluation of
college English classroom teaching. The results showed that all dimensions of
TPACK, such as content knowledge (CK), pedagogical knowledge (PK),
technological knowledge (TK), had significant positive correlation, and all dimensions
affected the overall TPACK level while influencing each other. There were significant
differences in the cognition of TPACK level between the freshmen and sophomores,
and TK and integrated-technology pedagogical knowledge (TPK) was the most
significant. The intelligent assessment technology for TPACK level could effectively
predict and evaluate the effect of TPACK integration, and effectively improve the
classroom teaching ability of college English through scientific analysis. To sum up,
the combination of intelligent assessment and TPACK integration technology has
great potential for improving the classroom teaching ability