Gender and the Contours of Political Movement in Assam: Critical Appraisal of Ethnic Groups in Assam


  • Miss Bhanuprabha Brahma


A number of new social movements have passed through the Northeast of India, but
the issue of gender is either ignored or overlooked through peace and war. Given that
Assam is a state with distinct linguistic and ethnic communities, the issue of gender is a
matter of controversy. Assam has an exclusive definition of identity, where a sense of
skepticism and animosity has given rise to a sense of solidarity between various ethnic
groups. The central issue is that, as an emblematic representation of ethnic, religious,
caste ideologies, women are often exploited and marginalized by the cultural
constraints of their identities that represent the everyday essence of sexual assault. This
is the product of gender-based discrimination and abuse of civil rights. Women have
continuously raised the issue of space, sovereignty, which they have sought to resolve
as they feel their stand to be vindicated after the Assam revolution. This paper
addresses the political oppression faced by women, as well as the clear presence of
women's resistance or the problems they raised in or after the Assam Revolution.