The Influence of Employee Empowerment in Increasing the Effectiveness of Risk Management Strategies


  • Dr. Ahmad Ismael Almaani, Dr. Fawaz Ali Thawabieh, Abdulaziz Hamdan Alismaili


Current study aimed at examining the influence of employee empowerment in the effectiveness of risk strategies through evaluating empowerment drivers including (Culture, Information sharing, Competency development, Resource provision and Management Support). Total of (239) questionnaires were distributed on employees within construction sector in Jordan, through analysis, it appeared that employee empowerment drivers positively influence the effectiveness of risk strategies, in addition to that, the effectiveness of risks strategies are majorly influenced by managements support and culture mainly scoring a R value of .668 and .487 respectively, Competency development appeared to be influential in 3rd rank  and Information sharing and resource provision came in the 4th and 5th.

Study recommended building vision among empowered employees as the first step towards empowerment because visibility provides employees with a sense of what will be done next, thus it leads them to creativity, and allows them to make decisions that go in the direction that the administrative leadership believes is correct.