Comparative Study of Performance Analysis of Query performed on RDBMS and Solr on Digital Data of Heritage


  • Viratkumar K. Kothari and Dr. Sanjay M. Shah


There is a large amount of archival content available in physical form. This includes manuscripts, printed papers, photographs, artefacts, sculptures, buildings, audios, videos and others. These content are gradually being converted into digital format now. The digital formats have significant benefits over the physical form such as availability of it on an online or offline platform, easy to share, easy to copy, easy to transport, easy to keep multiple copies at different places, searchability by adding metadata to it. These size of the data converted into the digital format of Heritage has increased exponentially. Such data usually are hosted on a large scale web platform with search functionality. The interlinking of digital data based on search functionality is becoming a challenge due to its size and multiple types of data formats.  A need for improvement in the current search functionality is required for speed and time efficiency. This will improve data linking that is to find out related data efficiently. This will also help to do its further analysis and find hidden information patterns. The distributed processing of data can help here tremendously to speed up data processing exponentially. In this research paper, we have explained the methods to convert physical data into the digital format and attach metadata and evaluated the performance of the query processing on a relational database (RDBMS) and data to improve existing search functionality for utilising processors and processing time. It was envisaged to have an improvement of about 10% – 12% in each of them.