A Development of Thailand’s Special Economic Zones

  • Sirimas Muensai, Teeraphat Kitjarak


Thailand’s special economic development zones mainly aims to progress border areas’ economy as well as to promote investment and trade contributing for more Thai and foreign investors. Developing the special economic zones focuses to improve various aspects: the infrastructure, economy, society and environment, privileges, administration and increasing Thai and immigrant workers’ competency, One-Stop service and border areas organization for stability, that facilitate a transit between Thailand and its neighboring countries. The main emphasis of this certain development is to build positive outcomes towards the country, as one of ASEAN members under the laws. Therefore, government sectors must provide advantages, organize the infrastructure, and adjust a set of regulations to be consistent with the working process that would allow private sectors to invest in the special economic zones. Besides the public sector participate and gain benefits from the development without giving impacts on natural resources, environment, society and constancy. A framework of the development should be flexible and appropriate to a particular area, in order to ease the administration.