Mediating Role of Organizational Innovation among the Product, Process, Marketing Innovation and Organizational Performance in the Government Organizations in Thailand

  • Kanyamon Kanchanathaveekul, Boonthong Uahiranyanon, Tianchai Aramyok, Wannaporn Buddhapoompitak


The examination of the mediating role of organizational innovation among the product, process, marketing innovation and organizational performance in the government organizations in Thailand is the foremost goal of the existing study. The data were gathered by taking the questionnaire method from the department of research and data was analyzed by employing the PLS-SEM. The results show that positive links among the product, process, and marketing innovation with organizational performance. The findings also show that organizational innovation has positive mediation among the product, process, and marketing innovation on organizational performance. These findings are helpful for the policy developers that they should develop effective policies for innovation adoption that enhance firm performance.