Impact of Kerberos Authentication Technology In Security Services Of Computer Networks


  • Rana Ali Salim


The literal codes used to send telegraph messages, using standard sequences "long or short dashes" that can be formed by dots or oblique signs, were used in most high-speed communications, where they can be formed through sounds as well, and it is one of the codes The devices do not read it and the person must decode it by himself. The international Encryption code also includes characters, and the previous table shows a list of codes corresponding to each letter, written from right to left. Encryption code was used anciently in wireless communications, telegrams, and marine navigation, as this code was based on a simple principle which is to convert electrical signals transmitted through lightning lines into long and short sound clips so that long sections are converted into a condition and short are points, which in turn are later translated into letters understandable words. use of Encryption code is now limited by some hobbyists, but you can also create a complete sentence using long or short dots and dashes corresponding to latin and letters.