Critical factors of Recruitment Process and its Effectiveness on Human Resource Planning in Ma Foi Randstad Consulting Solutions Ltd., (MCSL)


  • Dr. J.Shanmuganathan, Dr. J.P. Senthil Kumar, Dr. A.S.SathishKumar


Human resource is an important asset of any corporate and the overall performance of the company depends on how it can be utilized. To attain an effective growth of the organization, it is essential to recruit the right people with requisite skills, qualifications, and experience. While doing this process we need to keep the present and future requirements of a corporate in mind. Now a day, most of the companies have outsourced the responsibility of selecting a suitable candidate for their company to HR consulting agencies and they are playing a primary role in identifying the right candidate with the right skills as per the need of clients. There consulting agencies facing a lot of challenges and difficulties in choosing and scrutinizing the right candidate to a company as per their requirements of Human Resource Planning (HRP). HRP refers to the best utilization of human resources based on the description of the job that fulfills the objectives of an organization. The study is conducted in Ma Foi Randstad Consulting Solutions Ltd., (MCSL), to understand the effectiveness of the recruitment process as per the need of positions and job descriptions. The study also discussed the different parameters of the recruitment process followed by consulting firms and the opinion of 185 respondents are considered as a primary source of the sample. The findings show the effect of the recruitment process and almost 80 % percent of respondents felt satisfied with the requirement of organizational HRP.