Design and Motion Analysis of Intelligent City Terminal Distribution Energy-Saving Logistics UAV

  • Dongliang Chu, Fengjun Luo


In order to solve the problem of low efficiency of rural terminal distribution, a new type of rural terminal distribution energy-saving logistics UAV is designed. The UAV uses solar energy and gasoline as fuel, while the hybrid power system provides power. The particularity of solar photovoltaic panel is expounded. The working principle of six-rotor UAV is analyzed in detail. According to the characteristics of rural logistics terminal distribution, the airframe, landing gear, intermediate warehouse and decoupling device of logistics UAV are designed. The three-dimensional solid modeling of logistics UAV is completed by using three-dimensional software. The kinematics simulation analysis of logistics UAV is carried out, and the blade and decoupling device are put into operation. The dynamic analysis shows that the structure design is reasonable and meets the design requirements.