Texture Feature Extraction for Quantum Images Using Local Binary Pattern

  • Gaofeng Luo, Yudan Ning, Zijuan Shi, Liang Zong


Local binary pattern (LBP) summarizes the local structure of image effectively, especially for digital image pre-processing. In this study, we propose a quantum approach to extract texture features using LBP. By encoding and storing the image information in quantum-mechanical system of the novel enhanced quantum representation (NEQR) of digital images, we demonstrate the frame work of quantum image feature extraction. Then we design concrete quantum realization circuit for the quantum version of LBP using some basic quantum gates. The proposed scheme can extract the texture feature in the computational complexity of  for a NEQR quantum image with a size of . Theoretical analysis and simulation-based experimental show both the feasibilities and capabilities of the proposed method, which is efficient, with low computational complexity and good robustness.