The no-deviating control of frequency and voltage in AC/DC mixed micro-grid

  • Xie weicai1,2,4, Wang shihao, Long Xi, Li shijun, zhao zhenxing, Liu xinging


Combining with both the advantages of AC micro-grid and DC micro-grid, AC/ DC hybrid micro-grid is gaining more and more extensive researches and applications, and the core component is the interlinking converter. The alternating current frequency of existing AC/DC hybrid micro-gird and DC bus voltage are deviating regulated, and in terms of this, this paper raised another virtual synchronous generator control strategy about interlinking converter. This strategy can not only make mixed micro-grid responded more smoothly in the process of load handoff process, but also can maintain the alternating current frequency of the mixed micro-grid and ensure DC bus voltage operate in rated value. Moreover, this paper has verified the correctness and practicability of the proposed control strategy through the model built by PSCAD simulation software.