How Academicians Journey Mapping Can Bolster Their Transition From Pre -COVID –Post COVID?


  • Dr. Indu Sharma, Prof. Abhijit Khurape


Background: The Educational sector transformation is shifted into top gear due to COVID-19 Pandemic and, for academician to make this transition smooth during the transformative phase of COVID-19; Resilience is the only sustainable strategy. During this transformative phase of COVID 19, imposed transition, is taking a toll on academicians’ mental health and physical health, with many unable to find respite, even in the comfort of their own homes. The pandemic has triggered stressors in careers, personal finances, family & Social life, which eventually stretched work-life balance/ integration – one which involves high levels of remote working [3]. In addition, the role conflicts can sway the attainment of work-life balance/Integration.  The forced change of exploiting Information –communication technology in education by using online modalities and 24*7 ‘Always On’ culture becomes the culprit by aggravate the problem and can inhibit academicians’ satisfaction and work-life balance/Integration [2].

Aim: This paper aims to sketch Academicians Journey Map to zoom in the Academician’s experience by un-wrapping emotional moments throughout transition. This personalized journey map emerges insights to relieve academician’s pain points, ease disruption and, ultimately, help them achieving work -life integration. To discover how to use Academician Journey Mapping to understand academician behaviors, mindsets and emotional drives across transition phase from Pre-COVID-19 to Post-COVID-19.

Method:  A design thinking approach, by using design thinking process and tools. In  addition to an integrated review of the literature on work life balance/ integration.

Conclusion: Academicians Journey Map is an effective tool, which can bolster their smooth transition and assist them in achieving a new normal, i. e work life integration as it reveals pain points which can be turn as a tipping point for embracing change, Post-COVID 19, with 5Cs of culture creation - Communication, Coherence, Consistency, Commitment and Creativity – for both organizational as well as personal wellness. [9]