Miniaturized Microstrip Patch Antenna for Biomedical Applications


  • Regidi Suneetha, Dr. P V Sridevi


Miniaturized slotted patch antenna for biomedical applications like stroke imaging, tumor detection in breast cancer to characterize malignant, benign, and normal breast tissues is proposed in this paper. The antenna geometries are being developed on FR4 substrate with 10×10×0.5mm3 dimensions of compact and simple structure. The simulated and measured results of the proposed antenna show, that the antenna can be used for the biomedical applications. The proposed antenna obtained good results with high gain and low return loss with omnidirectional radiation pattern due to which the antenna allows the good reception of signals, with the advantage of non-ionizing radiation.  This antenna can also be used for therapeutic applications based on local heating: prostate hyperplasia, heart and other tissue ablation, angioplasty which come under Ultra-wideband microwave radar techniques. The design is verified using HFSS tool for simulation and measurements are taken from VNA after fabrication.