Research on the Application of Creative Fabric Design in Street Culture Clothing Design

  • Zhang Ning, Eakachat Joneurairatana


With the deepening of globalization, China has become more and more active on the international stage, the communication between Chinese culture and world culture has become more and more frequent, and the life of Chinese people has also undergone great changes. From the perspective of clothing field, under the influence of foreign street culture such as hip hop, hippie, yuppie and punk, Chinese street culture has been greatly developed and influenced the clothing industry. Street culture gradually influences the clothing design needs and ideas of China consumers, and has become a part of modern pop culture. In this context, this paper, on the basis of the current situation of street culture clothing design, combined with the creative application of fabrics in clothing design, discusses and analyzes the creative application of fabrics in street culture clothing design, thus providing referential suggestions for enriching the contents of fashion clothing design in China.