Classification Types of Milk by Components Using C-Means Clustering Technique


  • Sham Azad Rahim, Azad Abdolla Saeed, Dr. Mohammad Mahmood Faqe


In this paper, it  aims to classify 21 types of powdered milk according to some of the minerals attend in the milk components such as(sodium, potassium, chloride, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, zinc, copper, manganese and iodine).Two methods were used to classify, the first method is C-Mean, and the second method is the linear discernment analysis.The data was obtained in the market and it depends on some specifications found in powdered milk such as minerals (sodium, chloride, potassium).Through the analysis, two homogeneity classifications were obtained: The first classification includes(Nido, Lipton Grow, Devolac, Pediasur, Similac, Advance Love, Redilac, Gene Plus, Nectalia, Celia, France Light and Dialagno)and the second category includes) Novalac, Similac, Gigoz, Liptomil, Evolac, Nactalic ,Bekbelak, Aptamil, Nutri-Holland),and the correct classification rate is equal to (81%), It is a good rating for classify this type of data.