The Impact of High-Performance Work Systems on Firm’s Performance in the Presence of Innovation Behaviour of Insurance Companies at Jordan

  • Riad Ahmad Mohammed Abazeed


The current research aims to investigate the impact of high-performance work system (HPWS) on firm’s performance in the presence of innovation behaviour. The dimensions of the high-performance was (ability, motivation, opportunity). The population consisted of all managers on the top and middle managerial level at insurance companies in Jordan. A purposive sample was composed of (300) managers, where the questionnaires returned (270), with responding rate (90%) but the valid for statistical analysis were (263). Structural equation modeling was used for statistical analysis and testing hypotheses. The result indicated that the innovation behaviour mediate the impact ofhigh-performance work systemsand firm’s performance. Thereby, the recommendations were suggested to the managers and decision-makers to focusing on extensive training programs in order to enhance employees’ creativity that lead to improve organisation’s outcomes.