A Retrospective Study on the Assessment of Retention and Relapse in Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Therapy


  • Jaya keerthana S, Remmiya Mary Varghese, Maragathavalli. G


Retention is considered as an important phase at the end of any active or fixed orthodontic tooth movement. Aim of the study is to assess the retention and relapse in patient's who are undergoing orthodontic therapy . A retrospective study with a sample size of 360 patient's  who underwent fixed appliance therapy was obtained and segregated. Data collection was done from 86,000 patient's reports. The collected data was entered in Excel and tabulated in SPSS version 19 and results were obtained using chi-square test.Based on the results obtained females more commonly underwent orthodontic therapy than males (55.8% versus 46.1%). 50.8% of the patient's  who underwent treatment was in10 to 20 years age group followed by 33.05% of patient's  from 20 to 30 years age group and 16.1% of patient's aged between 30 to 40 years.Within the limitations of the current study we observed that females most commonly underwent orthodontic therapy than males. Most common age group was found to be 10 to 20 years. The number of patient's who wore retainers after orthodontic therapy(76.1%) was  more compared to the patient's who did not wear retainers(23.89%).The relapse rate  in patient's who underwent orthodontic therapy was 18.89% and 81.1% of patient's who underwent orthodontic therapy did not have relapse post treatment phase.