Awareness towards New Generation Cephalosporin among Dental Students


  • Ahmed Hilal Sheriff ,Dhanraj Ganapathy, Subhashree Rohinikumar


Dentists all over the world prescribe antibiotics therapeutically and prophylactically to manage oral and dental infections more commonly orofacial infections. The prescribing of antibiotics by dental practitioners has become an important aspect of dental practice as most human orofacial infections originate from odontogenic infections.  The aim of the study was to assess knowledge awareness and Practice towards New Generation Cephalosporin among dental students. A questionnaire consisting of 10 questions were prepared and distributed to 100 dental practitioners to assess their knowledge, awareness and practice towards towards New Generation Cephalosporin among dental students. The questionnaire was prepared online using survey planet and the link was distributed to the dental practitioners to fill the survey. The questionnaire contained questions about basic knowledge on cephalosporins and their newer generation.The responses were recorded and analysed. 12% use cephalosporins in practice,43% were aware of cephalosporins,33% were aware of new generation cephlaosporins.58% of the respondents said cephalosporins have four generations,75% said pencillin and amoxycillin were the common antibiotics used in dentistry64% said cefiprime is a new generation cephalosporin and  63% said cephalosporins are broad spectrum antibiotics.Most of the dental students who attempted this questionnaire did not have complete knowledge regarding the new generations of cephalosporins rather they were aware of the 3rd and 4th generation cephalosporins. Further more knowledge regarding the pharmacological aspects of new generation cephalosporins is necessary so that the dentists can apply it their practice.