Awareness of Forensic Odontology among Dental Practitioners –Kap Survey


  • Sweetha V, Thyianeswaran Nessappan, Dhanraj Ganapathy,


Forensic odontology is an important branch in the field of dentistry that would assist in solving cases of abuses and deaths. Greater knowledge and awareness of forensic odontology among the dental practitioners would be required in the growing field of medicine. The aim of the study is to analyze the knowledge, attitude and practice of forensic odontology among dental practitioners. The questionnaire was designed for practicing dental practitioners, who in their day-to-day life might be encountering cases of forensic interest. A cross-sectional study was conducted among100 dental practitioners .Data was collected in a personalized manner by means of the questionnaire. Ninty three  percent dental practitioners did not maintain dental records in their clinic , and only seven percent  are maintaining complete dental records. Seventy percent  dentists  feel that they need more knowledge about forensic odontology. Fifty percent dental practitioners did not know to identify child abuse. Twenty percent dental practitioners did not know how to estimate the age of an individual by examining the teeth.This study, conducted among  dental practitioners regarding their awareness about forensic odontology, revealed inadequate knowledge, poor attitude and lack of practice prevailing among these study subjects.