Optimization Strategy for Decentralized Water Transport System based on Specific Pollutants Control


  • ShenDong,MouLv,ZebinSheng,H.Gowda


At present, in the research of water resources dispatching technology, while the quality impact of raw water on treatment process as well as pipeline network is usually neglected. In this paper, taking the source wells with poor quality on the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River as the research object, the dispatching technology of quantity and quality combined optimization based on specific pollutant control is studied. Firstly, according to water quality characteristics of shallow groundwater around Yellow River, plant influent-source water coupling model of specific pollutants is established by combining the Fourier Transform with the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method. On this basis, an optimization model of decentralized water transport system is constructed considering water quality, supply safety and economy. The optimization strategy is applied to Z city in the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River, the effectiveness and practicability of decentralized water transport system based on specific pollutants control are verified in the mean while.