Education as the Practice of Freedom: time to liberate marginalized groups in Thailand


  • Likkhasit Putkhiao, Archanya Ratana-Ubol , Chukiat Leesuwan


This article is the result of a qualitative study on  educational management state and the promotion for the liberation of marginalised groups in Thailand that are found to be dominated by education, including unable to organize education to create their own identity. The data was collected from the analysis of documents related to educational management in Thailand and field study, in-depth interviews and observation on educational management state of marginalised groups in five areas Including ethnic groups, community cultural rehabilitation groups, transnational labour groups, non-formal education groups, and homeschool groups.The informants were selected using purposive in five areas that representatives phenomena of the oppression and suggest the educational management to the freedom. Data were analyzed based on content analysis and verification used a triangulation technique. The results revealed that mainstream education makes ethnic groups abandon their original beliefs and domiciles; emigrate to urban societies more. Mainstream education also overwhelms thinking methods in the way that it makes learners not to believe in self and human dignity that can create cultures on their own. Therefore, educational rehabilitation must start from a belief in human dignity. Cooperation from different sectors is also required. The key freedom creation process is to promote learner self-realization through cultures, customs, and original beliefs; to promote knowledge creation, and to apply knowledge to develop their valuable communities.