Innovative from the Tale to Product Value Creation of Nypa Palms


  • Kangsadan Chaowatthanakun


As developing and adding value to community products often requires investment and it has become a major limitation for communities, adding value to products and services from creativity and innovation or value creation are important choices for the development of community products. In this research, the knowledge management from the tale of Nypa palms is used as a guideline for the development of processed products from the Nypa palm trees of Nypa palm forest communities in Thailand. This research intends to explore the problems and demands for the development of products from Nypa palms of the community enterprise in Samut Prakan Province, Thailand, leading to the generation of model to create product value of Nypa palms using research and development from the group discussion of community enterprise members, government officials, documentary research, and field work. The research results reveal that the main problem in the development of Nypa palm products is the storage time of products which is quite limited. From this reason, the members want to have knowledge and use the knowledge to promote the value of the products. When managing the knowledge from the tale of Nypa palms, it is found that the promotion and encouragement of the Nypa palm products have created 4 values including ecological value, economic value, nutritional value, and local wisdom value. These values ??are used in the analysis of 5P model; Product value creation, Packaging development, Public relations, Pride and marketing partners, and Promoting community market.