Coordination Factors and Construction Project Performance: An Investigation Of Design And Build Projects In Malaysia


  • Misbah Mohamed Abdulwahed Ohag, PROF SR TS DR HAJI Abdul Hadi Nawawi, Dr. Faudzi Muhammad,Dr.Norfashiha Hashim


The importance of the construction industry in any economy cannot be neglected. Although the industry is flourishing around the globe but there are still some hinders affecting the performance of this industry. During the last few decades, the construction industry faced a rapid increase in large-scale construction projects with complex and complicated activities. the increased level of complexity in the construction industry impeded many problems that can affect performance. Therefore, the importance of coordination activities has got importance in today's construction projects. The complexity and simultaneous project activities make coordination and communication a key aspect of construction projects. This study is an effort to identify and investigate coordination factors that affect project performance. For this purpose, a crossectional data was collected from 301 respondents in the Malaysian construction project industry by purpose-built questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed by SEM using smart PLS to estimate the impact of critical coordination factors n the performance of DB project  Malaysia. Our results explain that all the identifies coordination factors have a significant impact on project performance. This study is significant by providing and investigating an innovative phenomenon that has been ignored in the previous literature.