Board-level IT governance, and IT organizational capabilities on organizational performance of Iraqi medium-sized enterprises


  • NazahanQahatan ,RohaidaBasiruddin, Raihana Mohdali, Babatunji Samuel Adedeji,Mostafa A. Ali , Ibtihal A. Abed ,Abbas Adil


Medium-sized enterprises (MSEs) in Iraq have had their risk of low performance and failure increased because of greater problems and challenges encountered .The information technology organizational capabilities (ITOC) at the low ebb, and the Board IT governance structures, processes and relational mechanisms not applied by these MSEs have provided basis for their weak performance. Therefore, this study aims to examine the validity and reliability of Board IT governance mechanisms on performance of firms and how IT organizational capabilities mediates the relationship between Board IT governance mechanisms and firm performance. A pilot study of 36 firm participants proves the reliability and validity of the instruments. To ensure the validity and reliability of the study, two steps are undertaken. The first step involves the validation phase concerning the questionnaire, and this was through verifications by experts in the relevant fields. The second step entails the measure of the reliability of the instruments through a pilot study. The analysis of data collected is aided by the evaluation of the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. The results indicate that the Cronbach’s alpha value is above 0.8, while the exploratory factor analysis is not less than 0.8, thus, the instruments are reliable and valid, and significant for measuring the constructs. Further studies are required to evaluate the relationship between BIT mechanisms, and ITOC on organizational performance.