New Public Governance Management to Social Disparity Reduction: Study of Solving the Problems of Living and Eating Land of People in Sa Kaeo Province


  • Nongnuch Srisuk


The objective of this study is to examine the role of public governance management in social disparity and problem solving. This study examined the relationship between external compliance, leadership, ethical commitment, accountability, performance monitoring, internal compliance, social disparity reduction and problem solving. Data were collected from the employees of public governance management board. Public governance management board was selected from Thailand to examine the influence in the areas of Sa Kaeo Province of Thailand. Questionnaire was used for conducting a survey. 300 questionnaires were distributed among the employees of public governance management board. Results of the study shows that social disparity reduction can enhance problem solving in Sa Kaeo Province of Thailand. Moreover, it is found that various elements of public governance management have positive effect on social disparity reduction. Finally, reduction in social disparity increases the problem solving.