Use of Marketing Intelligence Capability for Better Innovation Performance in Mediating Role of Drug Making Capability: A Study on Thailand's Pharmaceutical Sector


  • WanidaSuwunniponth


The innovation performance has an extremely important role in the success of any organization and there are various aspects that are found to have an impact on the innovation performance of an organization. So, the current study was effectively conducted in order to find out the impact of two important factors i.e. market orientation and industrial business focus on the innovation performance of an organization in the presence of a mediating variable, product development capability. The data for this purpose was collected from 308 people working as employees of pharmaceutical companies of Thailand. The analysis of these results indicate that the impact of market orientation on innovation performance is significant and in the same way the impact of industrial business focus on innovation preference is also significant. As far as the mediating variable, product development capability is concerned, it can be evaluated from the table that the mediating impact of product development capability between market orientation and innovation performance is not significant. However, the mediating impact of product development capability is significant between industrial business focus and innovation performance. In the last, the researcher has discussed different theoretical, practical and policy making implications related to this study.