Can Information and Communication Technology be interesting to students? Take Rain Classroom as an example

  • Xiangrong Shi, Yuangao Chen, Wei Huang


Rain Classroom is popular Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
software in China’s universities. This study examined how teachers can attract
students’ attention and improve teaching efficiency in ICT environment such as Rain
Classroom. Based on regulatory focus theory, students can be divided into promotion
and prevention types. This paper carried out a survey in study 1 and the result suggests
that if proper advocates could match students’ personalities, learners would be
encouraged to take part in Rain Classroom. In addition, applying this ICT software
could improve learners’ enthusiasm and teaching efficiency. In study 2, a real database
was analyzed and the result strengthens the conclusions in study 1. The second
experiment also implies that a matched teaching method guided by regulatory focus
theory would not necessarily result in higher evaluation score given by students