Analysis of The Construction of a Dance Teaching System Based on Human-Computer Interaction Technology


  • Weiwei Tian


With the rapid development and continuous integration of computer technology,
network technology and digital communication technology, the degree of information
and digitization of various disciplines has been deepened, especially in the field of art.
In this paper, the author analyses the construction of dance teaching system based on
human-computer interaction technology. The theoretical research and stage practice
of new media dance have springing up, that has promoted the technological
transformation of dance education. By analysing the digital dance application based on
human-computer interaction motion capture technology, the most convenient
technology used in digital dance performance is the inertial real-time motion capture
system based on the micro inertial sensor (MTX) and the wireless Xbus system. Digital
dance pays more attention to the visual impact and the rich connotation of dance
content. The rich human-computer interaction technology has brought challenges to
dance choreography and dance art design. It also provides new space for development.
Digital dance, the new form of dance, will continue to innovate.