Research on Green Process Design for Special Knitting of Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Based on Green Ecological Concept


  • Xing Yuanfei


In recent years, the continuous increase of labor costs has restricted the development
of labor-intensive enterprises. At the same time, people have higher and higher
requirements for the comfort and fashion of clothing. Foreign countries have
established a relatively mature knitting technology system for the research of full-form
knitting technology of computerized flat knitting machines. Although it has not been
widely marketed, the operation is relatively simple and the equipment is stable. Green
manufacturing is a large system involving all aspects of the product life cycle and even
the product life cycle process. It reflects people's serious reflection on the
environmental and ecological damage caused by modern science and technology
culture, and also reflects the designer's moral and social responsibility. Return.
Compared with traditional product design, the green design capability of an enterprise
relies more on the management and application ability of green design knowledge.
Today, when the environmental protection situation is quite severe, green design is by
no means just a slogan. Based on the green ecological concept, this paper analyzes the
green process design of computerized flat knitting machine.