Learning as Construction of Personalized Cognitive Structures

  • Hai Tang, Zhihui Hu


Among the many factors that influence learning efficiency, the cognitive structure of
learners is the most important. In order to solve common problems in online learning
systems, this article puts forward a new approach to build knowledge as an
individualized cognitive structure. Firstly, the formal subject knowledge structure is
defined, and then we enrich it through attribute extensions so that it meets personalized
and dynamic learning needs. Secondly, we subdivide the personalized cognitive
structure hierarchically for the sake of learning efficiency. Finally, we propose a
method to measure the learning dynamics between concept nodes; that enable the
online learning system to calculate the learning expectation about the new knowledge
point in the light of the learner's current cognitive level. Thus, the system can introduce
the appropriate next learning objective for learners and improve the adequacy of future
online learning.