Site Design Case Retrieval and Strategy Generation based on Extension Set


  • Lemei Li, Guannan Fu , Xuechao Liu, Weiwei Hao


In the big data era, designers face huge difficulty in collecting numerous cases of site
design on the Internet. To enhance retrieval efficiency of designers, the present study
develops a method based on extension set to retrieve site design cases and approaches
to formulate innovative strategies. First, data acquisition software is adopted to acquire
site design case data, and the data server, database development and programming
software are comprehensively and jointly employed to build a case base of site design.
Second, based on the retrieval condition converted from site design contradiction, site
design cases are initially screened out by correlation function, and then they achieve
dynamic optimization sorting based on extension set theory, as an attempt to satisfy
personalized needs of designers. Lastly, innovative strategies for site design are
automatically formulated on case base. As suggested from case test, this method is
capable of helping designers efficiently retrieve valuable cases of site design on the
Internet, thereby presenting some theories and methods for intelligent site design.