The New Quality Trilogy: Basic Understanding & Concepts


  • Mohd Saiful Izwaan Saadon
  • Mohamad Rosni Othman
  • Dina Azleema Mohamed Nor
  • Zainol Mustafa
  • Khairul Anuar Mohd Ali
  • Tan Owee Kowang


Quality have a significant impact towards our daily life. It is a key element in fulfilling our desirable requirements and expectations. These requirements & expectations are also known as the voice of customer. Organisation would use the voice of customer as an input to provide quality products or services to their respective customer. In order to fulfil the voice of customer, organisation need to implement good quality in their respective unit. The New Quality Trilogy is a new method of understand quality. By introducing it to the unit, organisation may achieve the quality target that are important to its core function. The New Quality Trilogy comprises of three stages; Quality Concept & Philosophies, Quality Improvement Tools & Methods and Quality Systems & Standards.  Each stages would support each other and it is important for the organisation to undergo each stages properly to obtain the maximum results in achieving higher quality performance.