An Analysis of Shoppers Perspective on Shopping Malls in Bangalore City

  • Karnati Saketh Reddy, Dr. R. Suresh


In India, retail sector is an important contributor to the GDP. This sector has undergone many changes over years. It is observed that the organized retail market in the country is raisiSng with the Compound Growth Rate of 20-25 percent per annum. The major portion of organized retail is observed in cities. In this study the efforts are made to understand the perception of customers towards the maintenance of shopping malls, average individual footfall and time spend in the shopping malls, to understand the relation between age wise time spend in shopping malls and also the relation between age group and frequency of mall visits in Bangalore. The primary data is collected through a questionnaire. The collected data was analyzed accordingly. In this study, the researcher adopted pie – diagrams, t- test for means and correlation, Chi – square tests. The outcome of the study will facilitate the customers through the betterment of shopping malls.