Necessity of Solar Still for Domestic Usage


  • Mr. Dongare Santosh Dattatraya, Prof. (Dr.) Ashok Kumar Gupta


Water is a fundamental human need. Freshwater sources are viewed as waterways, lakes and underground supplies. Numerous human illnesses are brought about by dirty water. These days, every nation is challenging an extreme water lack because of contamination brought about by human deeds. Under these conditions, the quest for different sources must to be. A framework is required to give clean water without the utilization of condition to household reason. Water sanitation utilizing sunlight based vitality has become exceptionally famous in light of the fact that it is eco-accommodating and over the top expensive. The change of salts into unadulterated water by the utilization of sunlight based desalination and the gadgets used to cause sun oriented to desalt are known as sun powered stills. The equipment is based on solar power is mainly we can use in water purification for domestic needs for fulfillment of one family containing four to five members  for drinking purpose .