Intelligently Regulatory IOT Bin

  • Saurabh Srivastava, Milind D Jain, Harshita Jain, Kritik Jaroli, Vishal Jain, Latif Khan, Mohammad Sabir


The world is facing a very tremendous problem of waste nowadays. As the countries are becoming more advanced, improper waste management rate is increasing per day which is a serious concern leading to growth of many insects and diseases. This paper discloses the automated bins which is based on IoT Technology which will help in providing a clean environment more efficiently. This paper works on the solar energy so that no electricity been used and is saved. The bin opens automatically whenever the person needs to put the garbage into it. The transportation vehicle used to move in every corner causing lots of fuel consumption and waste of fuel and money The bin regulated and monitors the status of the bin. The bin is designed through ATMEGA2560 which is the lifeline for the system. The alert message is sent through GSM to the authority in charge for the security of the bin. The status is been visible on ThingSpeak server and the hybrid mobile Application.