Impact of Extracurricular Activities on the Academic Performance of Students


  • Vandana Bharadi, Anuva Koduri, Apeksha Agarwal, Aryaman Agarwal, Bhavya Sanghavi, Bindiya Vasudeva


It has been commonly expected that interest in extracurricular activities positively affects the retention of students past the primary year. Be that as it may, numerous likewise accept that these activities may really influence student’s execution in a negative way because of clashing time requirement and competing plans, regardless of whether they do in truth improve student’s tirelessness. Strangely, generally not many investigations have been acted in both of these regions because of an absence of pertinent information. This paper tends to these issues by introducing an examination which uncovered that students accomplished a lot higher paces of maintenance and graduation, kept up better GPAs, and had higher great standing rates when they occupied with any of the exercises inside the extent of this research, which included filling in as a Board Member of ASI, turning into an Orientation Leader, accepting a vocation as Residence Hall Associate, or holding an authority position in a nearby club.

For the purpose of the study students of age group 10-25 were chosen who were divided on the basis of their gender. Then further divided on the basis of their qualification as in school, high school, under graduate and post graduate and which was further divided on the basis of their choice of stream such as science, commerce, arts, law, management and others.