Volume Rendering for Weather Data using Ray-casting Algorithm on Web

  • Palak Chatwani, Purvi Ramanuj, Shivani Shah


Volume rendering is the key to visualize data in 3D. Ray-casting algorithm is a direct volume rendering technique that makes volume rendering possible. Imaging satellites are used to collect weather data (temperature, humidity, wind, rain) present in NetCDF (Network Common Data Form). Volume rendering of weather data cannot be achieved by NetCDF data format. By converting the data from NetCDF format to NRRD (Nearly Raw Raster Data), 3D volume rendering of weather data has been performed using modified ray-casting algorithm in this paper. Weather data is rendered in 3D using Ray-casting based WebGL (Web Graphics Library) tool which maps textures with images of different volumetric data while changing the range of dimensions as well as colormaps.