Speaking the Problems on Employees Turnover Intention in the Viewpoint of Human Resource Management Practices in Hotel Industry


  • Preeti Nagar, Pallavi Mathur


This research paper confers widely on the topic of human resource management practices that show the adverse and negative outcome in hotel industry which results rise in employee turnover intention. Human resource managers prerequisite to perform effective roles to sort out the problem of the employee turnover intention in Indian hotel industry. This study base constructed on secondary data. Different journals, books, magazines, websites related to turnover intention and human resource practices are the source for the study data. The collected data has been extracted, determined, and reviewed to identify how turnover intention is a correlate in the direction of human resource practices in hotel industry.

 This study can be benefitted to provide important analysis for future practitioners, research scholars to understand the unfold trends and skill gap analysis in human resource practices to overcome the turnover intention in the Indian hotel. The human resource management practices that discussed in this paper are recognition practices, competence practices, compensation practices, performance practices and training practices.

Previous research on this problem have been conferred in this paper to enable authors to extend recommendations.

This study will help the practitioners to take appropriate measures in order to curtail the turnover intention. In India region not much work has been done on this scenario.