The Influence of Service Quality on Customers Satisfaction and Loyalty among Youngsters for the Services of Reliance Jio at Gujarat.

  • Dr. Sandip Kumar, Girdhar Bhai Prajapati


This paper deals with the measurement of the impacts of reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangible aspects on Jio customers satisfaction level at Vadodara city of Gujarat, the SERVQUAL model was used for the measurement. The primary objective of the paper was to discoverthe service quality gap by measuring customers’ perceptions and customers’ expectations of telecommunication service quality from the customer’s viewpoint. The study was conducted through a structured questionnaire based on the SERVQUAL model. Primary data was collected from Sample of 200 final year students through sending questionnaires inthe goggle form. The reliability was 0.871. One way-ANOVA test was conducted to test the association between the service quality of the Jioand levels of customer satisfaction of Jio. The findings of factor analysis loading the factors into two factors, tangibles and reliability are loading into one factor and the remaining dimensions, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy all load into another factor, there is no differentiation among the customers' mind for this three dimensions.