Life Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of Crystalline Silicon Solar Panel


  • Manisha Sheoran, Susheela Sharma, Pancham Kumar


Quantitative assessment of the environmental effects of crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic module is favored through life cycle assessment. For the manufacturing process life cycle assessment  is carried out which brings out that effect of the production of crystalline silicon.  Making of the solar cells and module fabrication holds for a greater contribution into the environment effect than in the processing of the silicon from the nature to further use in industry. Detrimental effect of crystalline solar photo-voltaic panel is highlighted in this paper laying emphasis on their decommissioning and recycling portion.  Environmental effect is studied into various aspects. Toxicity effect and climate change are major drawback of the solar photovoltaic energy. While focusing on solar panel recycling it was revealed that lesser environmental effect is posed by it rather than landfill. Higher uncertainties are obtained for the crystalline Silicon production, manufacturing, recycling, solar cell processing and module fabrication due to greater environmental impact, also the parameter causing error are high. The study focuses on pollution causing process like production of crystalline silicon and solar cell processing. Emphasis is also laid upon the enhancement of material recovery rate and discovering environmentally amiable substance for recycling. Effect of recycling technologies on environment is assessed for c-Si and also policy guidelines are proposed.