Optimal Allocation of Capacitors in Radial Distribution Network Using the Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm


  • Aarti Gupta, Dr. Sarfaraz Nawaz


In the modern power system, the most important bond between the consumers and power utility is the Distribution System (DS). The capacitors are being utilized for reactive power compensation for minimizing power losses and thereby improving voltage profile in modern DSs. Subsequently, the Optimal Capacitor Placement (OCP) technique is playing a vital role in minimizing total annual cost in Radial Distribution Systems (RDSs). Thus, the process of optimal allocation of capacitors is of utmost importance in modern distribution systems. The key objective of the proposed research is to identify the optimal location along with the size of capacitors to minimize the total annual cost and thereby reducing Active Power (AP) losses while maintaining a better voltage profile into RDSs. While doing so, the proposed research adopts the Grey Wolf Optimizer (hereinafter referred to as GWO) Algorithm to identify the optimal location as well as the size of capacitors in RDSs. In order to analyse the efficacy of the proposed research approach, the IEEE-33 bus test system is being used. Furthermore, the obtained results are compared with other contemporary optimization techniques in the power system. In this way, the research outcomes based on the GWO algorithm are compared for highlighting the key advantages of the GWO algorithm in relation to reduced total cost and maximized net savings. It is worth mentioning that obtained results are compared based on three factors including total AP loss reduction, capacitor installation cost, and the value of total cost function. Finally, the research revealed that capacitors should be optimally placed in the appropriate size to attain the best cost function reduction in distribution networks. In this way, the obtained results are encouraging as they are better than other latest techniques available in the literature.