EV Charging Components and Standardization


  • Pawan Kumari Tiwari, Krishan Gopal Sharma


Currently, infrastructure charging rates in India are similar to European conditions. In addition, the adoption of electric cars in India has been mainly in the category of light vehicles, with smaller battery packs and lower power requirements. Therefore, it is now time to specify the rates or charging modes for that type of vehicle. Normal positioning requires the links between EV and EVSE, as well as clarification of communication policies without specifying the voltage / power level. We look forward to deploying a modular charging infrastructure that offers all available options such as Bharat Charger, CCS, and CHAdeMO to the electric vehicle user applicant. So standardization is the most required concern at present which we need to address because for mass implementation it requires the address to be done in such front. If the standardization process is at loop hole, then cost and local manufacturing will not foster in India