Investigating the Air Pollutants Contaminants using a Statistical Technique


  • Haslina Zakaria
  • Shamshuritawati Sharif
  • Basharoh Abdul Karim
  • Tun Mohd Firdaus Azis


Air is contaminated due to the occurrence of many gas and dust particles. Air pollution is caused by the existance of the contaminants in the air. It is very serious issue that required awareness from all significant authorities because it can alarms health of public, agricultural activities and industries, forest and non-forest species and our environments. Air pollutants are included solid particles, gasses, and liquid droplets in the air. Thus, it is significant to analyze the current situation of air quality. The station in Klang Valley which are Klang Station is our subject of interest because it is one of unhealthy area. Therefore, three years contaminants data containing five contaminants are used. In performing the analysis, two multivariate statistical analysis which are correlation analysis and principal component analysis (PCA) are applied. As a results, nitrogen oxides (52%) is the most influential contaminant of air pollutants. Furthermore, particulate matter (43.9%) and carbon monoxide (43.3%) are the second and the third most important, respectively.