Assessing the Consumer Experience towards Online Food Delivery Services

  • Dr. Atish Chintamani


In the twenty first century, with the advent of rising family incomes, working couples and penetration of internet & smart-phones in all sections of the Indian society; there is an increasing trend amongst people to order their food online from their favourite restaurants. The online food ordering mobile apps are aggregators that allow the users to order food from the ease of their homes. The endeavour of this research is to understand the consumer experience towards online food delivery services. Objectives relating to understanding demographic profile of consumers, awareness of consumers about online food delivery apps and factors considered by the consumers for selecting the apps for online ordering of food were formulated. Appropriate hypotheses were formulated to generalize the findings of the study. A total of 450 respondents were surveyed during the study. The demographic analysis of the respondents was done. The study found that social media and internet play an important role in making the consumers aware of online food delivery apps. Swiggy emerged as the most favoured online food ordering app. Testing of hypotheses by chi-square tests concluded the variation in frequency of online ordering their food online, frequency of ordering their food online on specific days and monthly expenditure of consumers on the basis of demographics. Regression analysis revealed that the consumers are more probable to re-order their food online from the same app if the apps provide favourable refund policy in case of cancellation of order. The outcome of this paper is helpful to marketing professionals, restaurants and online food aggregator apps.